let's talk about retail. Not the nitty gritty sales metrics and supply chain mechanics, but the bigger picture.

We're talking about the future of how humans sell, through the lens of the customer.

We'll experience sales from beginning to end, meeting with store owners, using real products, and talking with brand representatives. But remember, this isn’t strip mall shopping.

London is known for the Tower Bridge, heavy food, royal babies, and rainy weather. Seoul is famous for its pop culture, massive population, and always-on markets. Two cities that may not seem like they have much in common, but they do.

Sure, both are ranked in the top ten most visited cities in the world, but it’s more than that. What links these cities is retail. Not just that they do it, but that they do it well. Like really well. Which makes London and Seoul ideal places to experience the future of retail.

On this four-day, three-night journey with the Frontier Team through one (or both) of these cities, we'll layer in conversations to switch viewpoints and discuss what the technology, customer experiences, and emerging trends we find mean for you. And how you can bring those ideas back to enhance your retail experience.

We'll see buildings that look like products, stores that stay open all night, and street markets that remind you that these cities are almost 2,000 years old.

Join us on this international adventure to redefine the future of how you sell.

Possible Locations: