A journey that’s not about case studies, legal reviews, or hiring quotas.

Instead, it’s about seeing, hearing, and feeling the true power of diversity in the streets of one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

The Crescent City, the Birthplace of Jazz, NOLA, or the Big Easy. Whatever you call it, New Orleans is like no other place in America. The music never stops, the food can’t be spicy enough, and the people welcome you with open arms. Located at the southern tip of Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi, the city’s rich history and survival instincts make it the cultural gateway to the North.

Join the Frontier Team on a two-day, three-night journey that will change the way you see diversity and inclusion. America’s understanding of diversity has evolved. It started as the legal thing to do, then it was the right thing to do. And now it’s the smart thing to do. The evidence is clear: diverse organizations innovate faster, grow more, and run better. But it’s not just about hiring a bunch of different people. You also need a culture of inclusion to make it work. 

Through a series of curated experiences—visits to companies outside your industry, conversations with community leaders, and other excursions—we will gain new perspectives on diversity and fostering an inclusive environment. Perspectives that will help you establish the right conditions for you and your organization to achieve full potential.

Join us on this journey to diversify the way we see the world.

Possible Locations:

Possible Speakers: