Too often we are blinded by the latest trends and forget what our customers actually want.

We make games for game’s sake. In this immersion, we will discover that gamification isn’t about games.
It’s about people and what makes them tick.

The City by the Bay, or more commonly known as San Francisco, is known for its cool summers, rolling hills, eclectic architecture, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Located in the northern region of California, the city is home to some of the nation’s leading-edge startups and tech companies.

This two-day, three-night journey in Silicon Valley is all about gamification. Not the buzzwords or gimmicks, but the product development techniques that have fundamentally changed the nature of customer experiences. 

Get ready to experience the best UX and UI design principles, like rapid prototyping and soft product launching. From there, we'll zoom out to think about human motivation and how setting goals, seeing data, and getting feedback can change behavior. Not just for today, but forever. That’s the power of gamification.

join us on this Silicon trek to learn how you can harness the power of human motivation.

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